Roland Mouret


Heralded as ‘the master of structure and silhouette’....

Roland Mouret is the modern-day master of drapery and structure, seducing the fashion world one design at a time. 
Each season, we're stunned by the offering of special occasion pieces – 
whether classic gowns or modern jumpsuits – that have something for every woman.

Roland Mouret's designs are informed by his “intuitive understanding 
of the female form.” Famous for the now-iconic Galaxy dress, he uses only the finest smoothing fabrics,
 detailed with pleats, folds and ruffles to frame your shoulders, waist and décolletage.


“I’m self-taught. The journey of my work is when I drape. I’m still discovering, still teaching myself.
"I’ve always been this double person. My clothes are for a city life yet in the wools and textures of the countryside. Fashion is supposedly all about change, yet I prefer to evolve because that’s what happens to our bodies and in nature and actually, I love that. I learned as a country boy growing up with the seasons that what is beautiful one summer will be just as beautiful the next."

"I love the way fabric feels, I love to grab it, I love how clothes fall over the body. I’m known for drape and structure, but I succeed, I think, when the clothes feel comfortable to you ….and perhaps through the eyes of someone else, someone you love, so you will leave the fabric more loose on yourself, like after sex. We all dress up
 to undress."

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